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A Gift from Slavonia

We were super excited to receive a special order recently, from someone who saw a traditional Slavonian designed sweater and wanted to purchase one as a gift. Normally we pre-buy our products and ship them to our headquarters in the USA, but larger items with size variations can be difficult for us to keep in […]

Products with a Purpose

Do you ever feel like things are spinning out of control? Like businesses are growing too big, ordinary life is becoming too complicated, and good old-fashioned human kindness is going out the window? We sure do. It can be discouraging to feel the sweep of the culture current, to watch it move people in all […]


Why One-of-a-Kind Gifts are Better

Anyone who has had kids or even been a kid in the US has witnessed the phenomenon of the annual “it” gift—the one everyone rushes out to buy so their little squealers have the “right” thing under the Christmas tree—the one that turns soccer moms into fierce competitors, to the point of fist fights breaking […]

Conscious Gift Giving

There’s something pretty special about a season where we get to focus on what other people might want instead of just looking after ourselves. Life can be consuming and time travels quickly—but, if all else fails, we have Christmastime to pull us back out of our own heads for a while.  Of course the season […]


Finding Christmas in Croatia

Christmas was always a big deal in our family. Our parents went out of the way to make everything—I mean everything—a special memory. We had our favorite foods, our favorite music, a healthy share of typical festivities, and a handful of silly little traditions kept just between the four of us.  One of our holiday […]

The DOMA Family Story

Over the years, we’ve learned how strong the ties are between the old and new worlds. The same century-old stories we grew up hearing are still being repeated around the table at our relatives’ houses.

Introducing DOMA Trading

It’s finally time! We have pooled our collective wits to bring you an easy-to-use website full of beautiful Croatian products, and we’re happy to say it’s up and running! Our mission at DOMA Trading is to connect artisans in Croatia with those abroad who love Croatia and its people. We want to make that Pond […]