Introducing DOMA Trading

It’s finally time! We have pooled our collective wits to bring you an easy-to-use website full of beautiful Croatian products, and we’re happy to say it’s up and running!

Our mission at DOMA Trading is to connect artisans in Croatia with those abroad who love Croatia and its people. We want to make that Pond between us a little smaller and help everyone to feel a little closer together—whether you were born in Croatia and emigrated, you are third-generation diaspora, or you are just someone who knows what a special treasure we have in a motherland.

We’ve been gathering some gifts, new whimsical items, and traditional pieces we think you’re gonna love. We hope this site serves not as a mere marketplace, but as a touch from home. At the end of the day, material things are only shadows of what what they represent—but if you find a treasure here for yourself or a loved one that evokes memories of a family house in the village, with its subtle smoky smell…or the touch of your grandma’s delicate, hard-working hands…or the sound of your great-uncle singing on the back patio with his friends…then we think we’ve accomplished what we set out to do.

Croatia is a place that many of us consider to be home, even if we have been separated by thousands of miles and too many generations. It is a country that welcomes its children back with open arms. In our little way, we hope to foster that connection and bring Croatians on both sides of the ocean closer together.

Welcome to DOMA Trading—and welcome home!