Meet Our Croatian Artisans

Introducing some of our favorite Croatian craftspeople.

Over the years, as we’ve spent time strengthening our ties in Croatia, we’ve met so many talented creators and craftspeople. Croatia has rich craft traditions in all its regions, from embroidery to lace to leatherwork, and much more. In addition to carrying on handed-down traditions, there are a lot of artists creating new works in contemporary mediums.

We founded DOMA Trading to bring these artisans’ works to an international market, but it’s not just about business. These are people we love and believe in. We talk with them over wine and coffee, we share dreams, we hear their stories—and we’re super excited to introduce them to you.

Janja Sestan Diklic, Artist from Rijeka2019 DOMA Trading
Sonja Jurkovic | Artist from Opatija © 2019 Sonja Jurkovic2019 Sonja Jurkovic
Marija Subotic, Valens Fashion Knitwear2019 DOMA Trading