Products with a Purpose

Do you ever feel like things are spinning out of control? Like businesses are growing too big, ordinary life is becoming too complicated, and good old-fashioned human kindness is going out the window? We sure do. It can be discouraging to feel the sweep of the culture current, to watch it move people in all kinds of crazy directions and even feel it tugging at our own feet. It can feel like there’s no going back. But there is something we can do…

Simplify. Go back to basics.

Many of us remember when business was done on handshakes, when neighbors would visit unannounced, when information traveled slower and folks were quicker to reach out a helping hand. These days we may not know all our neighbors, but there are other ways we can make a difference in people’s lives.

Everyone has heard the saying, “Money talks,” but did you know even a little money can have a significant impact on someone else’s life? We’re not even talking about handouts or digging down deep, we’re talking about rechanneling ordinary spending—using the purchases you would be making anyway to move your money away from the megacorporations and into the hands of real, hard-working people. We’re talking about ditching the mass-production chain and instead directly supporting creators and craftspeople. We’re talking about purchasing products with a purpose.

By choosing wisely where your dollars go, you can not only bless someone you know with a special gift, but you can also bless the person who made it. It simplifies the supply chain. More importantly, it creates a connection, whether across the road or across the world.

We are working to bring together creators from across Croatia who can benefit from an expanded reach. Rather than having to rely on sales from unpredictable summer foot traffic, we want them to have access to year-round income opportunities. You can help in this vision by considering their unique handmade products when you need to buy a gift for a friend, colleague, or loved one.

Together, we can grow a culture of compassion. With a little thought and a modest effort, we can change our habits and start putting the little guy first again. They—and we—can get through nearly anything if we simply look out for each other.