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Christmas Season Traditions

Customs and foods in different regions of Croatia are as diverse as dialects. But one thing is the same – love of family, tradition, and the celebrations that bring them together. Croatia is a Catholic country with many traditions rooted in Catholic practices, feasts and culture. Christmas season begins with Advent starting on the fourth […]


You can’t outgive a Croatian

Whether it’s a jar of homemade fruit jam waiting for you when you’re leaving a house, a little souvenir to remember your visit, or a fresh cooked lunch in a family home… Croatian giving is “od srce” – from the heart. The gifts are not expensive, showy or pretentious – these are traits Croatians are […]


One of the great Croatian love stories

Winning hearts around the world is the ongoing story of Malena and Klepetan, a pair of white storks from eastern Croatia.  In 1993, in the middle of the Homeland War, a janitor named Stjepan Vokić found a female white stork while fishing; she was shot in the wing and unable to fly. So Stjepan took […]


Uskrs in Croatia

Croatians love family, tradition, and celebration! Holidays are joyous times when all generations get together to make and enjoy traditional foods at home.  Uskrs (Easter) is a happy ending to the 40 days of Lent, filled with the hope of proljeće (spring). Food preparation begins the day before Easter, or sooner for decorating eggs, baking […]



Earlier in the year, we had planned to launch a summer series about travel in Croatia. Who knew our lives could change so drastically and so quickly? Although Croatia is open and welcoming guests ‘on paper,’ there are restrictions both in Croatia and in the countries where you would need to connect from the US […]

Big day in Croatia: Corona update

Since mid-March, public spaces and gatherings in all of Croatia have been restricted by signs, warnings, and possible fines. Croatia locked down fast and strong, and presumably as a result, the effects of the virus have not been as prevalent here as they have for many of our European neighbors. On April 27, the Croatian […]

Postcards to Croatia

Any time is a good time to reach out to your family and friends just to say, “I’m thinking about you.” But especially now, in light of the coronavirus and the social distancing we’ve all been getting used to, a quick email or postcard to your loved ones, or a letter with a family photo, […]