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Earlier in the year, we had planned to launch a summer series about travel in Croatia. Who knew our lives could change so drastically and so quickly? Although Croatia is open and welcoming guests ‘on paper,’ there are restrictions both in Croatia and in the countries where you would need to connect from the US that will make travel more difficult. Not impossible, just more difficult. I also thought this would be the time when hotel and restaurant prices would take deep dives to attract the few tourists who would still venture here, but some experts are saying that prices are expected to stay at pre-corona levels. 

I once chose a place to visit in France just by looking at one photo. It looked like a magical place, quintessentially French, a street I could imagine walking with my dog. It took us a year and a half with five European countries in between, but my compass was set. I pre-rented a little dog-friendly apartment for a month, on the edge of the old town center—and when we arrived, we instantly fell in love. After only a week, I contacted the owner to extend our stay an additional month. I had planned to travel around the region, but we loved this little city’s outdoor markets, cafés, and energy so much that we didn’t want to leave. Today it is one of my favorite places on the planet.

At DOMA Trading, we are a family of travelers, and we want to encourage you to find your favorite places too. We hope our pages about Croatia will allow you a little getaway from the comfort of your armchair—maybe you too will find that spot that you just have to see for yourself. We have tried to show you how Croatia’s regions are so varied, not only in history but also in outlook. Read our articles on the artisans whose work we feature, to meet some wonderful local people; who knows, some day you too might meet them in person and be invited to chat over coffee. Our pages on traditional crafts will give you ideas of what local treasures you can bring back as souvenirs. And until you can come here yourself, shop our store to support these artisans, and bring a little bit of Croatia home to your friends and family. All our products are handmade or designed in Croatia by local artisans, purchased up front at fair prices determined by the artisans, and pre-shipped to the US before they show up on our site—so there is no worry about border delays or customs.

So use your armchair as your magic carpet to explore the humble pages of our website, and learn a little more about regions and towns you might not have thought of for your next adventure. We’re adding more all the time, so come back often. Croatia will still be here when travel eases up again, waiting to greet you with open arms.